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We Love Our Clients

We are proud of our work and love our clients.
​Many have generously shared their experience with
Bill E.   Look no further, she is the best
 "I have owned 4 houses in my lifetime and dealt with different reality companies. Jen at Omega is by far the best of the best. She is a kind and caring person. She works for you above and beyond anyone else. Jen has your best interest throughout the entire process. She also has great contacts for all you mortgage needs and legal assistance. If you want honesty and and caring look no further, she is the best."

Paula M.   Took care of EVERYTHING
"We had moved into a retirement community and finally decided to sell our house - we were dreading the ordeal. Jen took the keys to the house and took care of EVERYTHING down to the last detail. We sat back and enjoyed our new home. She's an amazingly hard worker. We are so blessed to have a friend refer her. Thanks Jen!"

Sheila L.   Great negotiator
 "Jen is a true real estate pro. She knows this business inside and out. She has been wonderful throughout both processes of buying and selling our homes. Jen is a great negotiator, and very hands on throughout the entire process. She is not only a real estate agent, but she is also masterful at interior design and remodeling ideas."

Ron L.   She got us a house for $41,000 UNDER asking price!
"We needed Jen "You NEED Jen too!" Thorough, reliable and knowledgeable. Her lending background mixed with a love of deal-making and beautifying property are an excellent combo, a significant asset.
She is respectful while educating and informing. She got us a house for $41,000 UNDER asking price! We want to buy more just to work with her again!"

Jay R.   Trust her every decision
Consulted with JR: Restructured Commercial Asset; Remodel; Property Management
"Jen took my trash heap and turned it into a treasure trove! I completely trust her every decision."

Theo S.   She can see the potential of a particular property
Consulted with TS; Home Purchase and Relocation, Remodel and Landscape Design.
"Jen has done a lot of remodeling herself, so she can see the potential of a particular property. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone who is looking for help with their buying or selling needs. You Need Jen!!"

Kendra L.   I had no clue what I was doing
Consulted with KL, First Time Home Buyer, Home Purchase, Full House Remodel, Landscape Design
"I had no clue what I was doing, but wanted to buy a home. Jen gave me the idea to get a fixer upper to get exactly what I wanted. Now I have instant equity in my house!! Love it! Yay Jen! Thank you!"

Janice C.   Gets things done right the first time
"Jen had our house inspected. We had tried hiring our own inspection and it got all screwed up.  She knows the best in town to get things done right the first time.  We drove up during the inspection and she was under the crawl space with a flashlight with the inspector. Ok, that's five stars right there!"

Trent W.   The Toon Sells
"We were intrigued by the cartoon of Jen so we clicked on it. Glad we did.  She is an excellent marketer of her self and we wanted that skill put to use for our house.  She got our house sold very quickly. The toon sells!"

Bill V.   Like working with Joanna Gaines
"Buying our new home through Jen Omega was like having Joanna Gaines as our real estate agent.  She is a master of design and construction, with all the newest and coolest ideas, just like on TV!  She is far far more knowledgable and talented than any agent I have ever known."

Kamela R.   Better than I thought possible
Consulted with KR; Liquidated Estate, Relocated to Retirement Community, Interior Design of New Home.
"I was so afraid I would lose the comfort of my home, but Jen took my favorite pieces and designed my new home better than I thought possible, Thanks Jen"

Daria W.   I Needed Jen
Consulted with DW: Relocated Home, Interior Design, Remodel, Landscape Design.
"Jen orchestrated everything...I was more settled in my new home in the first two weeks than I had been for the past 20 years in my old home!" I Needed...and got JEN!